Location & Name Conventions

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    • Location & Name Conventions

      Hi all,

      After emailing Lars Kocherscheid today, I found out the following and thought I would share it with any other english-speaking photo uploaders.

      Vehicles with assigned or marked detachments should be uploaded as follows:

      Place - Agency - Car Number - Type

      Collingwood - OPP - 1-052 - Patrol Car
      Aurora - OPP - 05-602 - Patrol Car
      MRC du Granit - Sûreté du Québec - 5131 - Patrol Car
      Daytona Beach - Police - 6045 - Patrol Car

      For vehicles without fixed bases, without assigned detachments, or perhaps an otherwise unknown operating base, the following conventions should apply:

      Agency - Car Number - Type

      OPP - 29-001 - Command Post
      Canadian Forces - 71378 - Patrol Car
      CN Railway Police - 301 - Patrol Car
      Sûreté du Québec - 6013 - Patrol Car

      If my understanding requires any modification or corrections, please advise.

      - Ian
    • Thanks a lot Ian. This scheme seems so natural to us that we totally forgot to offer a translation to it...
      Right now I don't see any mistakes in your examples
      "Was ist das da?" - "Ein Premier Hazard Ultimax."

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